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How Strong Should Your Lockbox Be? What To Consider Before You Buy!


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When you see a product being advertised as a lockbox (or strongbox, security box, etc.) you assume it offers a high degree of protection. But don't make the mistake of thinking they are all about the same and purchase based on price alone. Missing just one important feature could be costly.

You want to be a "smart shopper" when you invest in protection for your valuables. When you consider items taken during a burglary are not recovered approximately 80 percent of the time, it only makes sense to make the right choice when selecting a lockbox (or strongbox) to safeguard the items you want to protect.

What Do You Want To Protect?

First, what are the items you want to protect? Your list may include valuables such as cash, jewelry, gold/silver coins, hand guns, cameras, watches, or maybe even controlled substances (medicines and drugs). This will help determine what size of security box you need or if you need more than one.

Next, do a quick estimate of the total value of the items in your list. WHY? To help you determine how "strong" your lockbox should be and what would be a reasonable amount to spend to protect these valuables.

When it comes to any type of security box, you truely get what you pay for. Trying to protect valuables worth a few thousand dollars (or more) with an inexpensive, low-quality box could be dangerous to the valuables you are trying to protect.

 Do your valuables deserve a "High Security" Lockbox?

You may have been surprised at how quickly the value of the assets you want to protect added up. If the protection level you need is "strong", you will find this list of questions useful for 1) shopping for the "right" lockbox for your needs, or 2) deciding if your current security box is good enough.

  1. What Is The Lockbox Made Of?

    You want the box to be rock solid - top, bottom and all four sides. Look for one made of steel (preferably heavy duty steel). Stay away from the tin, thin metal or non-metal boxes unless your items have little dollar value. If the box is made of a non-metal material, it is primarily for fire protection and will offer very little protection from burglary or theft.
  2. What Is The Locking Mechanism?

    If keyed, you want a high-quality 5 or 6-pin tumbler lock that is tough to pick or otherwise defeat (most of the cheap lock and cash boxes come with low-quality wafer locks that can be easily picked or forced open with just a screwdriver). For electronic locks, make sure you have a decent length code (at least a 5 or 6 digit code) that is user changeable plus a key for emergency opening.
  3. Are There Additional Security Features?

    By additional features, I'm talking about safeguards such as: a recessed lid to prevent access by a pry bar or screwdriver that could otherwise pry the lid open; concealed/recessed hinges which shield access to the hinge pins so they can't be punched out (to bypass the locking mechanism).
  4. What Stops A Burglar From Stealing Your Lockbox?

    You have to consider what is going to stop someone from walking off with the box if it is discovered. Look for options that allow you to fasten the box to something solid. Some of the best security boxes can be bolted down or attach to a steel plate that is fastened to a solid surface. The lockdown plate allows the lockbox to be secured for those times you want maximum security and quickly released (made portable) when you need access to the contents. 
If you already some type of security box and realize it is not "strong" enough for your purposes, use it as a decoy. Put a few low-value items in it and place it in a not-so-secret location (such as in the back of your bedroom closet). Then shop for the real thing, looking for the features we just discussed above.

If you are serious about protecting your valuables, investing in the "right" kind of security box, whether it be a lockbox or strong box or cash box, is one of the smartest investments you can make.

For your convenience, I have included a sampling of lockboxes/security boxes available on Amazon. You might be able to find just what you need for securing your valuables. Be aware I receive a small compensation if you buy one or more boxes through this site which does not result in you paying more. Click on the "Go" button for a larger selection.

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